Foursquare Addiction – 3 Steps To Recovery

I am a recovering Foursquare addict.  For a couple of years, I “checked in” everywhere I went, attempting to become Mayor of each new location, or defending my own existing Mayorships.  It was a game – much like a video game – but expressed through social networking instead. The recovery process took months, and though it didn’t require 12 steps, it did require three.

First, I had to decide that I wasn’t going to check into EVERY SINGLE LOCATION – only the high value locations.  What’s a high value location?  Locations that are significant (subjective, I know) and desirable (objectively determined by ongoing active competition for the Mayorship).

Second, I decided that I’d only rarely check into new significant locations, and only defend a handful of my existing Mayorships.

Finally, I decided to quit competing for Mayorships altogether.  I just check into significant locations that I’d want to share with my friends on Facebook and Twitter.  I probably only do that about once a week now.

As I venture forth, I no longer feel pressure to whip out my iPhone, and plant my Foursquare flag onto new shores.  I’m the wandering gypsy, rather than the campaigning conqueror.  And I feel much better now.

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