Personal Thoughts On 2013

Lunchtime reflections…

The last two years have been challenging and busy – with intense highs and lows.

  • Divorced from ex-wife
  • Fell in love with and married Joanne :-)
  • Renovated house
  • My father Julian Whitfield Benson died (we were very close)
  • Honeymooned in Belize
  • Visited family & friends in England
  • Changed jobs
  • My uncle Roger Byrd died
  • Adopted Charley Beagle into our Muttly Crew
  • Had a baby girl (Athena now 8 months old) :-)
  • Sold house in East Cobb
  • Bought house in West Cobb and moved
  • Rescued / fostered dogs from local kill shelter
  • Learned about corrupt politics of animal advocacy
  • And other private things…

In 2013, I will rediscover “normal life”, and refocus on important priorities.

  • Enjoy my wife and my baby daughter (and the doggies) in our new home
  • Implement my new multi-point animal advocacy strategy (more to come)
  • Write lots of cool software

About Chris

Mobile + social + cloud product innovator & strategist who blogs, writes code, evangelizes about great technology, loves his family, and saves homeless animals!
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